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Itself a not for profit social enterprise, Enabling Solutions understands how challenging the current commercial climate can be for similarly incorporated bodies. NetSuite will give you the edge over your competitors, be they commercial organisations or social entities.

NetSuite manages your CRM, accounting, stock control and aftersales support in one coherent system. It is by far the best choice for any organisation, regardless of size, and will deliver the best solution in future-proof cloud technology.

NetSuite for Social Enterprises

  • Track leads from initial enquiry to conversion.
  • Market directly to your customer base using business intelligence collected from your website.
  • Reduce dropped / abandoned carts on your eCommerce sites.
  • Real-time stock management, eliminating overselling.
  • Full multichannel, cross-platform support in one system.
  • Self-service capability for customers, suppliers and partners.
  • Cloud-based access from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access.
  • Massively reduce expenditure on server technology, continual software upgrades and associated IT overheads.
  • CRM, accounting and stock control in one system.
  • Zero work duplication.
  • Role-based administration.
  • Real-time business and financial intelligence
  • 100% scalable solution that grows with your company.

We understand that every social enterprise is a unique entity facing its own particular challenges. Enabling Solutions can help remove duplication and unnecessary complexity from your business processes. We will guide you through cloud migration and help you identify new channels and markets, as well as train and support your staff.

To find out more about NetSuite and how Enabling Solutions can help your social enterprise to grow, please contact us.

How We Work


The project scope and objectives are defined in consultation with key decision-makers within your organisation. Business needs are analysed, current operations reviewed and a financial breakdown of costs, benefits and budget is conducted. The project team is defined and its members educated in NetSuite administration.

Solution SpecificationAnalyse

Current processes are reviewed and mapped to NetSuite, existing data sources are specified and any business process gaps are identified. Business requirements are documented and a project plan developed.

Data MigrationConfigure

NetSuite is implemented to the project plan specification. Purchased modules are given their initial setup and specific values are set. Process flows are defined, order and visibility of the fields in a form are set and validation is determined. Application enhancement and NetSuite integration are developed. A data migration strategy is designed. System test, user acceptance test and training plans are compiled.


Test plans are executed and end user training conducted. Source data is migrated and business processes are cutover to NetSuite.

TestingGo Live

Go Live can be a daunting and stressful prospect. We will be on-site to assist you throughout the Go Live phase, providing crucial professional support when you need it most. If transitioning to NetSuite from another system, it is at this stage that you will need to enter opening balances and open transactions ready for the moment when your new system comes on-stream. Once all the solution specification requirements have been met, we will issue you with a Certificate of Completion. Upon signing this, your NetSuite implementation will be complete.