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Enabling Solutions Social Aims

Our Social Aims

"Enabling Solutions' vision is to provide enterprise solutions to everybody."

Section 4.3 of our Governance document states: "The objective of the Company is to carry-on activities which will benefit the community, in particular (without limitation) providing guidance for charities and social enterprises looking to migrate to cloud technologies".

Enabling Solutions is committed to providing pro-bono NetSuite professional services and support for other socially-oriented concerns. Working with NetSuite.org, we identify Third Sector organisations - "grantees" - that share our social aims. We then work with these in order to maximise their NetSuite utilisation.

Our Direct Social Impact

We use our knowledge and expertise to provide impartial support and guidance to other organisations, enabling them to migrate their business infrastructures to the cloud.

We achieve our Direct Social Impact by:

  • Delivering high-value training which charities and social enterprises would otherwise find it difficult or impossible to access.
  • Offering levels of support that go far beyond those typically rendered by vocational training providers.
  • Providing a platform to furnish start-up social entrepreneurs with the skill set to use a cloud-based ERP.

Measuring Our Direct Social Impact

NetSuite provides accurate real-time data making it possible to determine which assumptions are having the greatest social impact for an organisation. We follow a 5-step Social Return on Investment (SROI) plan through which we can measure and fully understand our direct social impact. Results are evaluated using the following methods:

  1. Estimates of deadweight, attribution and drop-off.
  2. Financial proxies.
  3. The quantity of the outcome.
  4. The value of inputs where we have valued non-financial elements.
  5. Ensuring our data is valid and that the ratio is never less than 1:1 by means of an algorithm to weight our equations.

We also offer our customers the option to report back when our social impact has covered the cost of their implementation. They do this using an online custom entry form tracked within NetSuite and linked to the specific customer and implementation project.

Further Information

To learn more about our social commitment, please contact us.